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London Independent Film Awards

Winner, Best Foreign Feature (Jana Brown, writer)
Winner, Best First Time Director (Perry King)

Winner, Best Cinematography (Russ Rayburn)
Winner, Best Actress  (Sara Arrington)
Winner, Best Young Actor (Luke Colombero)

Los Angeles Film Awards

Finalist, Best Picture

Winner, Best First Time Screenwriter (Jana Brown)

Winner, Best Western

Honorable Mention, Cinematography (Russ Rayburn)

Honorable Mention, Best Actress (Sara Arrington)



Winner, Platinum Remi Award for Best Western

Winner, Houston Film Critics Society Award for Best Young Actor (Luke Colombero)

Albuquerque Film & Music Experience

Winner, Best Feature Film

Runner-up, Best Director (Perry King)

Arizona International Film Festival

Winner, Best Dramatic Feature

Winner, Special Jury Award for Best Performance (Perry King)

California Independent Film Festival

Winner, Best Actor (Perry King)

The Wild Bunch Film Festival

Winner, Best Modern Day Western

Winner, Best Modern Western Screenplay (Jana Brown)

Winner, Best First Time Feature Filmmakers (Perry King, Jana Brown, Russ Rayburn)

Winner, Best Child Actor (Luke Colombero) 

Finalist, Best Feature Film 

Finalist, Best Director, Feature (Perry King) 

Finalist, Best Actor, Feature (Perry King) 
Finalist, Best Actress, Feature (Sara Arrington) 

Finalist, Best Supporting Actor, Feature (Bryan Kaplan)  

Finalist, Best Cinematography, Feature (Russ Rayburn) 

San Pedro International Film Festival

Winner, Best Feature Film

International Independent Film Awards

Gold Award, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Sara Arrington)

Gold Award, Cinematography (Russ Rayburn)

Silver Award, Screenplay (Jana Brown)

Silver Award, Narrative Feature

European Cinematography Awards

Finalist, Official Selection

Illinois International Film Festival

Winner, Best Feature Film

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