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There is So Much Sam in Me

Perry's Blog: September 18, 2014

I think about Sam all the time, and about his difficulties. My mind wanders over the landscape of his life, searching for his solutions to the problems he faces. Always at his center is the core of pain he feels, for the way he treated the people he loves.

There is so much Sam in me, in part because I have crafted this story with Jana, our screenwriter. His longing to bridge the chasm between himself and his daughter is in so many ways my struggle in years past, with my own beloved older daughter. She and I were pulled apart by the forces of our lives, and it took an act of grace and wisdom on her part for us to fully find each other again. Sam yearns for that for himself and for Sarah, and searches for how to engender that – until Sarah rises to an act of similar grace. I didn't know how much of myself I had put into Sam until very recently.


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