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The Year in Westerns: Cowboys & Indians Honors The Divide in 2018 Wrap-up

In an article "The Year in Westerns," highlighting the best of the genre in 2018, Cowboys & Indians writer Joe Leydon included The Divide among the field.

From Cowboys & Indians writer Joe Leydon: "For those who prefer less graphic mayhem and more subtle emotion in their movies, there was The Divide, an uncommonly compelling and emotionally rich modern-day western starring and directed by veteran actor Perry King. Effectively filmed in retro black-and-white and generously filled with affecting performances, the drama was a long-gestating labor of love for King, who shot it on and around his 500-acre cattle ranch in Northern California."

The magazine also honored Perry King with its Debut Filmmaker Award:

"At the ripe young age of 70, actor Perry King made his debut as a cinematic multitasker with The Divide — his first effort as a feature film director — in which he stars to perfection as Sam Kincaid, a Northern California rancher who, during the drought of 1976, struggles to remember what is important — and transcend what he cannot forget — as he is gradually diminished by Alzheimer’s disease. Working on both sides of the camera, King brings out the best in a supporting cast that includes Bryan Kaplan as Luke Higgins, Kincaid’s hired hand, a man yearning to transcend his troubled past; Sara Arrington as Sarah, Kincaid’s estranged daughter, who’s reluctant to admit her feelings toward Sam or Luke; Luke Colombero as C.J., Sarah’s son, who desperately needs a grandfather and a father figure; and Levi Kreis as Tom Cutler, a deceptively charismatic fellow with a score to settle with Sam."

The Divide has been nominated in four categories by The 2019 Cowboys & Indians Movie Awards: Best Picture, Best Actor (Perry King), Best Actress (Sara Arrington), and Best Supporting Actor (Bryan Kaplan).

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