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Media Life: Auburncentric movie magic in pre-production, soon onscreen

Cool’s Perry King plans “The Divide”

By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Media Life columnist

Cool ranch ready to roll film

Perfect setting. Perfect part.

For a 500-acre cattle ranch “beyond Cool” in El Dorado County and its owner Perry King(TV’s “Riptide,” film’s “The Day After Tomorrow”) the idea of an independent movie set in drought-parched Northern California circa seems like a natural fit.

For King, who’s planning to start principal photography on just such a film in summer 2015, it’s a dream role and location.

“For years and years I’ve wanted to make a Western on my own land and finally I’ve got the script to do it,” King said.

Pre-production is already starting for “The Divide,” with a financial boost expected along the way from supporters large and small from Kickstarter.

King’s Left for Dead Productions collaborators, New Hampshire screenwriter Jana Brownand Chicago-area filmmaker Russ Rayburn are at work selecting a crew, casting and location scouting.

The Divide chronicles the story of Sam Kincaid (King), an aging rancher with a failing memory. He finds himself dealing with not only a failing memory and drought issues but a family in crisis.

Combine Kincaid’s internal struggles, the realities of an unforgiving but beautiful NorCal landscape, King’s solid acting chops, plus the need to reconcile a long-ago tragedy, and “The Divide” could be on its way to being a classic American Western – with a twist or two.

“The Divide” is planned for filming almost exclusively on King’s ranch, with cast and crew staying in Placer County, just across the American River canyon.

“I want to make a film about the drama of ordinary life,” King said, noting that he has found that story in the “simple yet ultimately complicated existence of Sam Kincaid and The Divide.”


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