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As Slow as Possible, as Fast as Necessary

Perry's Blog: September 26, 2014

I think the smartest thing I’ve done – to date – in relation to this project is to schedule the film a long time from now. We don’t start shooting for a whole year, so that we can get the look of deep, dry summer in the Sierras.

I know myself, and I know the only way I can do something well is to do it slowly, step by step. It’s one of the lessons I’ve learned in 45 years of professional acting; that one of Hollywood’s biggest faults is that everything is done as fast as possible, at the last moment. Of course, going slowly won’t make me brilliant, or filled with insight, but I know the idea that “you are behind schedule before you even begin” (the old Hollywood standard) usually leads to mediocre results. The luxury of time is the most valuable commodity there is.

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