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Conjuring Sarah and Luke

Perry's Blog: September 29, 2014

I swear, I am having more fun with show business these days than I’ve had for maybe, well, decades.

My head just keeps swirling with fun things to ponder – casting, for instance. I try to visualize Luke (the young man who works for Sam and keeps trying to quit, but can’t) and Sarah (Sam’s daughter, the one with the 90-pound chip on her shoulder, who has built a steel wall around herself). I try to see them the way you try to remember the face of a friend you haven’t see for a while. Who is she, this girl? She’s small, wiry, browned by the sun, thin but with powerful muscles in her arms and shoulders. She has a magic way with animals; horses seem almost to melt under her touch. She’s a healer, who can’t quite heal herself. And Luke. Who is he? Well, another time.


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