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Through the Prism of The Divide

Perry’s Blog: October 6, 2014

Planning and preparing to make The Divide is turning out to be a source of spice to my whole life; everything I see or experience is now coming through the prism of the film. I watch movies in a completely different way. I find myself trying to understand what the director must have intended in a particular scene, or how the cameraman achieved a beautiful look in a shot, or what on the set that day made the actor so uncomfortable that he failed to pull off the required attitude.

The whole film experience is magnified and intensified with my new focus on trying to learn from accomplishments, or failures. The same is true in day-to-day life; a person I meet makes me aware of some aspect of one of the characters in the film, or an article catches my attention because it relates to our story. I’m becoming myopic in a very exciting way. Everything, absolutely everything, now teaches me something I can use in our movie.


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