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Post-Production Update

Dear Friends of The Divide,

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer. We have been working to get The Divide to a cut that we all feel is the best it can be. We already know that we have a beautiful story of reconciliation and redemption and are so proud of the acting and cinematography. The challenge - and joy - of post-production is making sure we have all the elements, just as we want them.

Our director of photography and editor Russ Rayburn has been working for several months to edit more that 70 hours of footage into a film of about two hours. No easy task and we applaud Russ for all the work he has done.

We are excited about the next steps, which include completing the editing and sound and music and then beginning the process of sharing The Divide with the world, most likely via film festivals.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of The Divide.

More soon!

The Cast and Crew of The Divide

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